Monday, 21 December 2015

Make Money Online at Home With Traffic Monsoon.

Introduction:-Trafficmonsoon is one of those sites that pay you for clicking links or advertisements. Well, it is too simple. Trafficmonsoon not only gives you fast money but also give you free visitors to your website or blog, or any link you want to promote.
I found a site named Trafficmonsoon which pays you for doing this simple task. You can earn too. What you need is just a mouse and a laptop or desktop. The main benefit, you can also use your Mobile phones (Android and IOS) to click and work on Trafficmonsoon.
You must click all the advertisements everyday and browse at least ten pages in the traffic exchange section to receive your referral earnings.
More Benefits:-Now, we have come to the benefits of Traffic Monsoon. The blast takes place here. You will be surprised to see how beneficial it is to work with Traffic Monsoon. Let us go through detailed points.
  • One Cent per click.
  • You can earn +0.15 dollars everyday without any referrals.
  • At least 10 ads everyday.
  • 100% Referral commission.
  • Free traffic and link promotion.
  • Low cash out at 2 dollars only.
  • Fast Cash out within 10 minutes.
Now calculate, suppose you have ten active referrals who click daily. Just see the amount you can earn. You can earn more than 0.15 Dollars per day from your click along with the referral commission. So You get 10*.0.15= 1.5 dollars for just ten referrals. Remember to surf at least 10 sites on the traffic exchange in order to receive your referral earnings

How to get started with Trafficmonsoon?

Well, now you have seen how useful program Trafficmonsoon is. Now it is the time to get started with it. Start earning now. Remember that you will need a PayPal account to cash out your earnings. You can cash out as soon as you reach two USD. You payments will be made within ten to fifteen minutes.
Join and start earning with Trafficmonsoon.
how to earn money today?
Trafficmonsoon provides several ways to earn money fast.
The Trafficmonsoon guide below sums up the best ones:
For Free Users:-
The people without budget willing a free way to make money online:
Once you registered at Trafficmonsoon, you will access your dashboard where you will be able to click Cash links as often as they appear. Those are $0.01-$0.02 advertising that you can click and watch for few seconds in order to get paid. It’s an easy way to make money online without paying anything.
The people without budget willing to make advertisement free:
Join Trafficmonsoon as a FREE member and get visitors to your websites. You will be surfing with a 2:1 ratio, which means you will receive one visitor credit for each two websites you surf.
A great way to display some free PTC ads that converts to boost your results on the other sites you are using!
For Paid Users: gain access to hourly revenue sharing!
All the members have equal opportunity to benefit from attractive revenue sharing plan on a long-term basis.
Purchase one (or more) sharing position (“Buy Ad Pack”) for $50 each and get 1000 Traffic Exchange credits and 20 Pay-Per-Click Banner credits along with your share.
 Click a minimum of 10 ads in the Trafficmonsoon Traffic Exchange, to unlock access to the revenue share for 24 hours. You will continue to receive a share of site revenues until you share hit $55 value.
This means, you’ll need to keep clicking each day that you want to receive a share in revenues. If you take a break, you won’t lose anything, but you simply won’t receive any sharing of the sites revenues until you become active again in the traffic exchange.

Revenues are generated from sales of services from both new and existing customers. Revenues are shared hourly, but delayed by 24 hours. This means you will receive share in revenues today from purchases made yesterday. This is done for security purposes, and to protect members from fraudulent funds needing to be removed from their account earnings. (If you were members in AdHitProfits, you probably understand why it’s a great point!)
BONUS: When you purchase services, you’ll enjoy a 1:1 surf ratio. That means, you’ll surf 1 website to receive 1 visitor credit.

Referral Commission:- Trafficmonsoon gives you opportunity to make 100 percent referral commission on inviting your friends, family and social media friends to this site.  

Referral commission 100 Percent simply means that if you have

10 referrals you will make 1 Dollar Daily

Now just imagine if you get 100 referrals

100 Referrals = 10 $ Daily = 300 $$ Monthly 

Investment Offer And Revenue Sharing:

People spend a lot of money to get traffic to there website, Trafficmonsoon gives us a splendid option to not only get visitors to our websites but also to make money up to 55 $....

you need to buy there ad pack service which costs 50 dollars and give you 1000 visitors to your website and 20 Pay Per Click to your banner. Buying ad pack will give you a sharing position to get trafficmonsoon's daily profit until you reached 105 dollars (110 Percent). 

To make it easy Let see this example

if you are investing 50 dollars that means you have 1 active sharing position, Now trafficmonsoon will share there website ad sales revenue to you daily until you reach 110% of your investment. which is clearly 55 Dollar profit & 50 Dollar of your investment (105 Total). All you need to do is to active your account to get paid.

Cash out:- Trafficmonsoon's cash out is very low, you can withdraw you money when you reached 2 dollars only.. There payment methods are PAYPAL, PAYZA and SolidTRUST Pay..

For example, if you refer an advertiser which purchases five Ad Packs, you will get 5*($50*10%) equal $25 when he acquires those Ad Packs. You will also earn 10% on every repurchase he makes.
Don’t worry if you are not good at selling, you can earn some great amounts from your free referrals too. There is about $0.10-0.15 cash links to be clicked on a daily basis, considering your 100% commissions on those clicks, with a few active referrals it adds up really fast!
Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program


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