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Sunday, 15 October 2017

How to get Payoneer Master Card and Get 25$ Bonus.


Hey people, few years ago I started with some Affiliate networks from US and UK, and I also started with some e-commerce sites and there was one huge problem!
Problem is the thing that they refused to pay me out with Paypal and they only could send me my money with direct deposit to U.S bank account. (I am from Bosnia)
So I googled and I found this great company that allowed me to get my money from any part of the world and to pay that money out on any ATM.

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is great financial services business that provides online money transfer for everyone – worldwide.
You can use Payoneer Card worldwide, on every ATM, because Payoneer is a registered Member Service Provider (MSP) of MasterCard worldwide.
With Payoneer card you can Receive funds, Spend money online and Withdraw money on ATM.
Everyone above 18 (years old) can apply for Payoneer card.
You don’t need to have bank account for this card, they will crate your US bank account for this card, for free.

How to register on Payoneer?

I will show you full tutorial on how to get your Payonner card in few minutes.
First thing you have to do is to Visit Payoneerhomepage.
Now click on Sign-Up button on their Homepage.
First step in Payoneer Signup is to enter basic details for your account.
You have to enter your First name, Last name, Your email X2 and your birth date.
Now you are done and click on Next button.
This is contact details step where you have to enter few things about your contact and address details.
Choose your country, enter your street name and city name and your ZIP code.
Enter correct address details because they will send you Payoneer card on this address!
Now choose your phone number, you can choose either Mobile or Landline.
If you are done click on Next button.
This is Security Details step where you have to enter your password X2, and you have to choose security question and answer.
Username will be set by Default as your Email.
Now click Next and you will get to the final step.
This is very important step where you have to type your ID.
They will offer you 3 documents to authorize yourself;
You can choose Driver’s Licence, Passport or National ID.
You can also enter alternate shipping address if you don’t want them to ship your card to your account address *from step 2.
Now you only have to agree to their terms and you are done.
Click Order to finish Sign Up.
You will get your card on your address in few days from Sign Up.

How to get free card and Get 25$ ?

When you get your card it’s empty and they will not give you any money on it.
But if you Sign up through my referral link you will get 25$ on your card when you get it, and that’s amazing.
You probably wonder, why the hell would they give me 25$ on my card?
Because you will work with their card, they will have fees from your ATM when you collect money from it, so they will maybe have 2$ when you payout 100$ from ATM, and if you do that 50 times over 3-4 years, they will earn at least 100$ on you.
So this is not a trick, they will really give your 25$ on your card.
Do not wait anymore:
 Image result for payoneer sign up photos